Shadowrun at The House

Rainbow's Downtime Pre Daniel's Game

Week 1 of 3: Finishes last bit of Initiation, and takes Quickening (makes spells permanent unless dispelled.

-Casts Increase Charisma on self, and makes quickened spell with 1 Karma.


Week 2 of 3

Week 3 of 3

Rainbow's Downtime post Everything is coming up explodey.

Rainbow is amidst his Initiation… so he spends 8+ hours in the evening being astrally thrust into a journey through the astral plane better learning how the magic of the Fey ebbs and flows.  It is exhausting.

He continues to be visited every night by his fey mentor and they take him on his nightly wonderlust.

Sleeping through the mornings and early afternoons… in his waking hours he is spending some time working on the mage homework that his relentless mentor has assigned him.  Get better at assensing!

He spent the equivalent of 3 days on training his assensing from level 1 to level 3 (4+6 = 10 Karma spent) … we'll say that he went half speed due to having this nights on his initiation wonderlusts… so this took 6 days.

In his other waking hours… Rainbow is working on his exciting idea.  He really wants to be part of the creation of a dual natured bar that offers party and pleasure both on the physical and astral plane.  He wants to find the owner of a bar… and talk about becoming a partner in this endeavor.

Mechanics for this:

Etiquette Dice Pool: 12

Extended test x remaining 8 days assuming a 1 day test. I'm assuming this is time spent socializing, talking to folks. hyping the idea etc.  He wants to kick off the idea with a big badass awakened rave. (meatspace folks very welcome of course.  all underground… need to be in the know for how to get in.)  

I'll buy the hits at 3 per day x 8 days = 24 hits.  If we do it in big chunks… like 1 week (which each hit would signify more progress of course) then we'll call it 3 hits over 1 week extended test.

Meta wise, what I'd like to see him getting out of this is access to new contacts via this awakened social scene he is creating.  It seems to make sense that he would make $$ through this venture… but… i'm not sure if theres a good balanced way to incorporate that.




2 Weeks Downtime

Here is the log to post what you would like to do during your downtime after BJ's run.

Recap - Everything is Coming Up Explodey


  • Staked out the bar and went in to meet the Johnson for payment – was just Junkrat – but we received payment in full.
  • After we left we went back to AI's bar and were met by a huge explosion intended to kill us
  • Investigating… we found that there is a Hit out on our heads… seems to be from the Johnson trying to clean up loose ends.
  • We tracked Junkrat and the Johnson to Ontario.
  • We shot and kidnapped Junkrat… and found his Fixer.  We also found Mya.
  • Mya gave us the workplace description of her Boss's Boss which is a Director of Legal
  • We enlisted Junkrat to join our run! our plan is to get the Director to count the run as completed and pay us the $10K per head that he was going to pay the shadowrunners for killing us.  He helps us on the run and gets a cut of the $$ if we get any. no Guarantee of $$ though

Now – we go Johnson hunting!



AI's DownTime Presession 2

Day 1: Learn new complex form. (4 karma pg. 106, Test: Software+Intuition [Metal]. Divide the hits by 12 is the number of days needed to learn pg. 252 Resonance Library). Hits = 6. This mean 2 days of learning.

Day 3: Chill until the next call.

Rainbow's Downtime post Session 1
I've got the beads set up baby!

Day 1: Buy Magical Lodge Goods x5 from his Talismonger contact (these are not F or R so its just a trip to the store.)  Let Griddo know that I’d like to buy an Increase Reflexes Formula from him. Contact (3/1).

Day 1-5: Spend time setting up magical lodge Rating 5 in my apartment.  I’m using a walk in closet.  It has hippy beads and colorful feathers and insense and and a zen sand garden and a thing that looks like a hummingbird feeder with magically infused Zima to feed his fairy friends refreshments when they come over.

Day 6: Purchase Increase Reflexes (Health) Spell Formula from Talismonger at base cost $500.

Day 6-10: Spend time in lodge learning spell… Dice Pool is [6 spellcasting + 3 intuition + 5 Lodge Rating] = 14.  I’ll just buy the hits so its 3 hits… [takes 12 days / 3 = 4 days.]

Day 10: (Spend 5 Karma to Actually learn the spell.)

Day 10+: Partying it up!  I’d like to find some way to make some side money tending bar or something but I’m not sure how to do this.

The Conquistador's Downtime

<u>Day 1:</u>
Paid for this months rent(2,000¥). Watched Combat Biking. hung out with Big Data to discuss possible Bike upgrades.



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