Shadowrun at The House

2 Weeks Downtime

Here is the log to post what you would like to do during your downtime after BJ's run.


My new Character, Drake, is also going to begin his initiation.

I’m going to buy my first rank in the Arcana skill for 2 Karma (1 Day)

Cost is 10 + (Grade * 3) Karma at completion of Initiation.
It’s an extended test of Arcana + Intuition [Astral] (initiate grade, 1 month)

I’m Initiating to Grade 1, so Karma cost is 13
I would have 3 Arcana + 3 Intuition, so I can buy the 1 hit I need.

My initiation would end lets say 3 days after Artie finishes his (since he started his initiation at the beginning of last session)

2 Weeks Downtime

I started mine on Cinqo de Mayo… I end on June 14 you end on June 17

2 Weeks Downtime

Wouldn’t yours end June 5th? Why the 14th?

2 Weeks Downtime

The conquistador is going to croaker to get some restock on ammo (tracker, Minifrag, shotgun) as well as possibly obtain some shock gloves to be able to do some stun damage but I’m unsure if that would work with my Bone density.
If time available work with Big Data to attach hidden gun mounts to my bike.

2 Weeks Downtime
artieshau draconswan

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