Shadowrun at The House

Recap - Everything is Coming Up Explodey


  • Staked out the bar and went in to meet the Johnson for payment – was just Junkrat – but we received payment in full.
  • After we left we went back to AI's bar and were met by a huge explosion intended to kill us
  • Investigating… we found that there is a Hit out on our heads… seems to be from the Johnson trying to clean up loose ends.
  • We tracked Junkrat and the Johnson to Ontario.
  • We shot and kidnapped Junkrat… and found his Fixer.  We also found Mya.
  • Mya gave us the workplace description of her Boss's Boss which is a Director of Legal
  • We enlisted Junkrat to join our run! our plan is to get the Director to count the run as completed and pay us the $10K per head that he was going to pay the shadowrunners for killing us.  He helps us on the run and gets a cut of the $$ if we get any. no Guarantee of $$ though

Now – we go Johnson hunting!




So the payment was 7k a head correct?

artieshau artieshau

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