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Combat Biking was on in 2013 Vernon Prudhomme as a publicity stunt for his motorcycle racetrack in Baton Rouge / CAS invented.

He hired a bunch of motorcycle gang members and -stuntmen in to create a game with motorcycles, stunts, Padded batons and paintball guns as a promotional event. With much fanfare, he campaigned on radio and trick for the event. This was the public good, and was subject to the local news, but also attracted the attention of Go Gear "The Mauler ". This appeared to collect protection money, but were challenged by Prudhomme to a game.

This was a week later, with unpadded weapons and shotguns with rubber ammunition executed.

The television broadcast led some donors to contact Vernon Prudhomme in conjunction. Within a year there were six teams nationally competed regularly against each other. Until 2026 was Combat biking an established sports events with a league of its own, fixed rules and great media attention.


Despite the name, the WCCL (was World Combat Cyclist League ) for a long time an almost exclusively North American thing: The sport reached only in UCAS , CAS and CFS its maximum popularity, while – as in Europe – Urban Brawl or Hoverball preferred, and in Aztlan that based azthekischer tradition – but no less violent – Court ball game was far more popular.

Running a club is very expensive otherwise. While selling motorcycle manufacturer their bikes at cost to the teams (in exchange for the publicity), but if you cyberware for players, hospital costs, magic , etc. healing, weapons, armor to count, quickly takes a lot nuyen together. These must first through commercials, simsense etc. replayed commercialization, Pay TV.

The WCCL was originally divided into two associations. The top 4 of each association met for Play Offs and the Champions of each association to fight for the world championship in Biker Bowl. After an extensive restructuring are 2073 all international leagues – Europe, Asia-Pacific, North, East, West and Latin America – under the umbrella of WCCL. The top two teams in each of these leagues now meet in a series of playoffs to each other to decide the world championship to the Biker Bowl.


North America

2052 was the WCCL in North America from the following teams, divided into two conferences :

Eastern Conference (Association East)

" Atlanta Rebels »

" Baton Rouge Red Devils "

" Chicago Lightning »

" Cleveland Commandos "

" DeeCee Shurikens " ( Washington FDC )

" New York Marauders ", 2072 owned by Spinrad Industries

Western Conference (Association West)

" Los Angeles Sabers »

" New Orleans Buzzsaws »

" Houston Mustangs »

" Oakland Hogs " (from Novatech – Exec William Ager bought in 2063 and after Seattle moved)

" Tacoma Timberwolves " (Seattle)

" Texas Rattlers "

Until 2077 the number of WCCL teams was increased considerably in North America, and the two Conferences were in turn subdivided into two divisions:

<u>Eastern Conference</u>

North Division

South Division

Boston Riders

Atlanta Rebels

Cleveland Commandos

Charlotte Hurricanes

Washington Shurikens

Miami Jaguars

New York Marauders

Dallas Red Devils

Detroit Lightning

Baltimore Spartans

Philadelphia Greys

Nashville Stars







<u>Western Conference</u>

North Division

South Division

Tacoma Timberwolves

San Francisco Knights

Seattle Hogs

Phoenix Thunderbirds

Cara'Sir Thorns

Los Angeles Sabers

Apache Mustangs (Cheyenne)

New Orleans Buzzsaws

Houston Mustangs

California Rangers (Sacramento)

Denver Spirits


















The former "Oakland Hogs" operate now under the name "Seattle Hogs", and the "Baton Rouge Red Devils" as the longest serving league team seem to move to Dallas-Fort Worth , together with appropriate renaming to have brought behind. In addition, now there are several NAN teams and one team each from Tír Tairngire and – with Miami – also one of the Caribbean League represented at the North American Combat Biker franchise.

Outside of North America

Europe [ edit ]

In Europe there are – despite the lower popularity – likewise Combat Biker , local leagues and teams. In Austria about the " Vienna Outsiders " are known to have their Arena in Vienna. [ 1 ] In the ADL the German Combat Biking League (DCBL), however, was in the middle of the current season 2063/64 to the annoyance of the – not added all the fans, such as – to many. Shadowland -User Biker Troll set, after several teams were virtually bankrupt. Active teams of ADL were: [ 2 ]

" Leipzig Dervishs " [ 2 ]

" Munich Marauders " [ 2 ]

" Frankfurt Rebels " [ 2 ]

" Pandaemonia Bremen " [ 2 ]

" Ruhrplex Spawnbreeders " [ 2 ]

" Berlin Bulldogs " [ 2 ]

" Hamburg CopKillerz " [ 2 ]

" Stuttgart Chrome Hards " [ 2 ]

At times there were also the teams of the next

" Hamburger Octopus " [ 3 ]

" Crocodiles " from Cologne [ 3 ]

" Fortuna " [ 4 ]

" Wikka Cologne » – single-female biker Combat Team

In the shadow land Fora was alleged quickly, the "bankruptcy" of the team would be a set-up of DeMeKo been that wanted the League to fall because of poor ratings and the negative image of the sport … Damocles , Shadowland -User and formerly a large number of Vory v zakone the North German Confederation believed, however, the matter would have had something to do with that Gasperi from the Rhein-Ruhr-Plex much of their dirty money via the " German Combat biking Association washed" and someone the Mafia – Capo Don Lupo a clear message going to send. [ 2 ]

The NAPAV in the state of Hesse-Nassau and it represents remains – aside from all other cheap tourist attractions – including several training ground not only for the city of war but also for Combat Biking while in Hamburg was played on the Holy Spirit Field, where the "home arena" the CopKillerz was. [ 5 ]

2071 negotiated Ares Entertainment in Hanau successfully with DCBL to the successful Combat Biking franchise in the alliance resume, and to secure the broadcasting rights to it. [ 9 ]

In Berlin has already a new, yet very manageable league of amateur teams formed which hopes again to find a great company like DeMeKo as sponsor who accepts the transfer and commercialization. On top of these new, German Combat biking enthusiasm is given to the " Berliner Bulldogs ". These were of hopeful, young people , orcs and dwarves in Hellersdorf founded in the tradition of the old "Berlin Bulldogs", and of "Bulldogs" veteran Buck "bull skull" Bradler trained. – Whether the newly awakened interest in Combat Biking in the ADL is, however, of duration, will only be need to prove … [ 10 ]

2072, the official, new German Combat biking League – besides the desert wars – the Hauptzugpferd Ares Entertainment on sports broadcasts in the Alliance represents. [ 11 ] In this mix the " Ruhrplex Spawnbreeders » 2073 again successful with that in the meantime Logo of Honda bear, and their new players from the go-gangs and motorcycle gangs recruit the 'plex. [ 12 ]

2077 there is also a NDB Combat Biking League, the North German Confederation and the free city of Hamburg, which discharges the cup competition of the Blizzard Cup in December. This beat the " Lübeck Lunatics " their opponents of the " Harburg Harpoons " in a nerve-jangling match. [ 14 ]

Asia [ edit ]

In Southeast Asia Combat biking is also very popular – perhaps the most popular outside North America. Therefore it is not surprising that the old "Happy Valley Racecourse" at Wanchai Causeway in Hong Kong to " Happy Valley Arena was rebuilt" where today teams from across Asia competing against each other. The " Hong Kong Chevaliers " – the home team – be here regularly frenetically cheered on by the fanatical, screaming fans and celebrated as enthusiastic as persevering after their victories and around the Arena indulge Hong Kong with betting on the matches of the bikers their notorious passion for betting. [ 6 ]

Where the home fans hide consistently that her revered and celebrated team in possession of the Red Dragons triad is washing her dirty money on the game mode … Runner who think fast here with gaming and betting manipulation creds to make, should so consider the rather twice! [ 13 ] Sticks

Other Asian teams are the

" Tokyo Dragons " and the

" Moscow Czars" , apply their encounters even in mid-season as Offset final. [ 7 ]

What also really is no wonder – is practically always a proxy war between yaks and Vory ! Mob Watch … it's all kept in the Family!

In Central Asia Combat Biking is of Yamatetsu significantly sponsored. The local Go gangs there organize known moderation own Combat biking tournaments, the Go-Ganger hope each, being detected by the talent scout of professional teams or WCCL and make a brilliant career … [ 8 ]

The Arena [ edit ]


Combat Biking is played in an arena which is about 150m long and 50m wide. It is built like a maze with roadways. Some of these paths are wide enough for three or four riders side by side, some so narrow that already ended scars a bike on the walls.

One track, called the "Skyway" passes, at about 4 meters high centered over the pitch. She has no barriers or other protective measures and is also called the "launcher".

At the end of each page is the target circle. It has a diameter of 2 meters.

Within certain limitations, each club may determine the design of its arena itself and change out of season. The adoption of the design is the WCCL.


A team consists of nine players, eight on bikes, a walk

Line Biker

fast, unarmored bikes, armed with mace and shotgun. Each Line bikers can also select another this weapon: Flail, network, or whip Bola.

A team consists of four Line Biker

Lance Biker

heavy machine, clunky but powerful. Armed with a 2 meter long spear, a mace and a shotgun.

A team consists of three Lance Biker

Thunder Biker

Lightweight motorcycle with integral grenade launcher and a selection grenades. He also bears a mace.

Depending a Thunder Biker per team


armored and walk, the Goali with an automatic shotgun, a mace and a Tetsubo (see below) is armed. He adheres to exclusively in the target circle.

The weapons [ Edit ]

Flail =

50cm long handle with a 30cm long cable to which a 500g Densiplast weight is attached.

lance =

2 meters long, 5cm thick, blunt tip. Used as a quarterstaff or thrusting spear.

lobe =

70cm long plastic stick with a 750g Densiplast ball head.

power =

2 m² area, 2cm thick cables, loaded with weights and a 1 meter long linen provided.

Shadow Talk pfeil.png Not particularly dangerous, but difficult driving with 100km / h when it is wrapped around your head and arms. Fisherman's Fiend

Shadow Talk pfeil.png

Tetsubo =

a two-meter-long rod with a 750g heavy blow head. Visually similar to a lamppost.

whip =

2 meters long bullwhip from polycarbon fibers (Tearproof to 1.500kg). If next to the opponent for the so-called "Gemini maneuver" entangled used: Two bikers each hold one end of the fixed Petsche and traverse a path along to opponents to throw their bikes.

automatic shotgun =

Defense Weapon Goali. Equipped with a 20-shot clip. Smartgun is mandatory.

Grenade Launcher =

Permanently mounted on the bike of the Thunder Bikers. He gets to the beginning of a round three stun grenades.

Shotgun =

Short-barreled firearm the line and Lance bikers. Three shot stun ammo per turn are granted. Will be worn freely or fixed. Smartgun versions are allowed and customary.

In addition to melee weapons each biker still used a personal handgun. Only the use of stun bullets is allowed.

Armor [ Edit ]


Goalies are heavy (Ballistic 6, shock 5), the other medium armor (ballistic 3, impact 2). Each player also wears a helmet. Each team has its "arms" in "Home" – and "Away" colors, each course with the team logo or -Look (The "Baton Rouge Devils" have their helmets as with horns, fangs etc. provided).

The helmet is a radio link to the other players. Some also use entprechende cyberware .

Also every armor includes a Trauma Patch . When removing a seal on the armor the underlying patch is activated.

Bikes [ Edit ]


Line Biker = Yamaha Rapier or Equivalent

Lance Biker = Harley Scorpion or Equivalent

Thunder Biker = Yamaha Rapier or Equivalent with modifications for the installation of the grenade launcher

The bikes are allowed with Riggerverbindung be equipped. This is the rule rather than the exception.

In Europe, motorcycles are frequently BMW ( Saeder-Krupp ) or Messerschmitt-Kawasaki (since consolidated War also SK) used.

The rules [ edit ]


The aim is to bring a flag in the target circle the enemy. The flag is on a 1.8m long pole. This is mounted on a weight which always bring the rod in an upright position, should it be dropped.

When the game starts the vane is located on the middle rail, mounted on a drone (called Bogey ) hurtling to and fro wildly. Until the flag snapped that Lance- and Thunder bikers must remain at their starting positions. Once one of the Line Biker takes the flag in possession, they are allowed to leave their position.

Each round lasts minimum 30 seconds. At the beginning of each round starts a random generator, an additional playing time of a maximum of an additional 30 seconds (called jitter time). Each round thus takes between 30 and 60 seconds. The round ends when a goal is scored or the lap time ends.

A game is divided into quarters, each containing 10 minutes of total playing time (ie 10 to 20 laps).

there is the possibility nachzulöaden to introduce substitutes to replace bikes between rounds, etc.

Points [ Edit ]

achieve goal – to place the flag in the target circle the enemy – scored three points. Only a biker sitting on his bike, can score a goal. A player who does not sit on his bike, although may carry the flag, but he scored no points, when it reaches the target circle.

the attacking team is on the playing side of the defenders when the lap time ends, they get one point.

If they are on their own side, the defenders get one point.

Wearing the bogey the flag on one of the gaming sites and the lap time expires before the flag was caught, the other team gets a point.

If the flag is not owned by a player when the round time runs out, the team that was last in possession of flags receives one point.

Fouls [ edit ]

Due to the brutal, violent and simply militant nature of the game, there are not many fouls. If a player fouls a converted, he must leave the field and go into a bunker on the sidelines. The referee can turn any bike on remote controls, which is always the case when a player opposes the instructions.

Three fouls a team within an end the round, the opposing team gets a point.

In a really bad challenge a biker of the game can be referenced. in this case, the round ends, the opponent gets a point. A substitute must be loaded in the next round.

Following Fouls there:

Deliberately releasing the flag

If the flag is intentionally left fall, this is a foul. The player is removed from the game, the opponent gets a point.

Ramming a dismounted player

Applies only to the intentional ramming. Does not apply to the Goali.

Crossing unconscious / fight incompetent players

After the manner how this rule is handled by the Official, it should say actually, "… more than once …" "run over retraction and again" or.

Use of unauthorized weapons

No player may use weapons that are not provided for his playing position. Picking up weapons that has been dropped or thrown away one of the other players is allowed. including the shotgun, they should be blank shot.

Personality [ Edit ]


Victor Allenson aka "Vic the Quick" – Ex Combat Biker of "Tacoma Timberwolves»

Alina Bowman – Linebikerin the "Cleveland Commandos"

Buck "bull skull" Bradler – coach of "Bulldog" and veteran of the old "Berlin Bulldogs»

Jed Gold – Lance Biker

Zach Hong – star striker of "Texas Rattlers"

Katy Morgan – Lancebikerin

Alyssa Romano – Linebikerin the "Red Devils" from Baton Rouge

Ole "Bonecrusher" Schiepanski – Line Biker the new «Berlin Bulldogs»

Teddy "Terminator" Tartikoff

Source [ edit ]


This article is largely based on the article Combat Biking in the Shadow Helix and stands there under GNUFDL. The list of authors can here be seen.

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